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Welcome Message from Congress President, AOFOG 2019


It was in 1993 that the Philippines last hosted the prestigious Asia & Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress (AOFOG).

Much has happened since then and in 2019 it will be time to return to Manila for the 26th AOFOG Congress. This will coincide with the 73rd Annual Convention of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) on November 10 to 14, 2019.

AOFOG 2019 promises to be an intriguing blend of intellectual discussion and momentous social interaction. The scientific sessions will center on conventional and likewise controversial approaches to women’s health. We will ensure a varied roster of distinguished international speakers.

We aim to highlight the striking contrasts in various specialties in our craft. We will provide an outstanding learning experience and find opportunities to enjoy ourselves along the way. We Filipinos are warm and friendly people known for our hospitality and sense of humor. We are fun loving and easy going, but much more, we know how to entertain our guests and make them feel truly welcome.

Our Fellowship Night will be referred to as “Festival of Festivals”.  It will be a joyous experience that will be difficult to forget. Our guests will be expected to dance and sing along with the merrymaking while feasting on the sumptuous buffet traditionally prepared for these events. This will be a truly memorable experience of the charm and mystique of nostalgic Philippines.

POGS has hosted many local and international conferences. Our society can guarantee at least three thousand (3,000) delegates. Manila is an excellent convention destination. With its strategic location, it is a vital point of major international routes. There are 28 international airlines presently operating in Manila.  The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) made history as Asia’s first international convention center, setting a trend that led other countries to build their own. World-class hotels that will cater to any kind of budget are all over the metropolis.

Come to the Philippines and experience everything we have to offer. Explore our culture and arts that are truly ours. Appreciate our history through our heritage destinations and admire our tropical landscapes. Shop in bargain malls and town centers and enjoy exciting night-time activities.

Discover the finest hospitality and tranquility in the most beautiful mix of 7,107 islands in the Asia-Pacific Region that is absolutely beyond the ordinary…

Ride with us! Sakay na!

Make it Manila in 2019!

Our theme:

Strengthening the Road to Women’s Health
Reaching New Heights

Christia S. Padolina, MD

Overall Chair
AOFOG 2019 Organizing Committee